Early Music Festival Miercurea Ciuc


The Mikó Castle (Romanian: Castelul Mikó; Hungarian: Mikó-vár) is a fortified castle in Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda), Romania. It is among the city's most important monuments, and today houses an ethnographic museum devoted to Székely heritage.

Saint Augustin Church is the town’s biggest church with 1200 seats. Thus it is a place where many concerts are held

Reformed Church – The presbytery of the congregation handed a list of 3000 names to the pastor István Hegyi in which they requested the building of a reformed church due to the growing number its members. The 3000 square meters lot was provided by the town under the condition that the community refunded the value of the investments on the site to the people assigned. The plans were designed free of charge by the local designing engineer Szabolcs Keresztes. The constructions began in 1990 and were finished in 2000, thus the building was inaugurated that autumn by the bishop Kálmán Csiha.
The constructions were made by the building firm of Csíkszereda and under the supervision of the presbyter and engineer Árcfalvi Béla. The church is 32 meters long, 17 meters wide and it has 600 seats. The tower was built separately, outside the main body of the church.

Lazar Castle (Romanian: Castelul Lazar) is a castle located in Lãzarea, Harghita County, Romania. The citadel is named after Lazar noble family and it is built on a combination of Romanesque,Gothic and Renaissance styles.
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