Early Music Festival Miercurea Ciuc


The Early Music Festival from Miercurea Ciuc was started by the Barozda and the Kájoni Ensembles in 1980. It was not by accident that Miercurea Ciuc undertook the promovation of the Early Music, as it is known that in the 17th century Johannes Kájoni (1629-1687) lived in the monastery of ªumuleu-Ciuc, a place now belonging to our town.

We can define Early Music as musical creations of bygone eras - the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque era -, pieces which are performed on contemporary instruments or on their authentic copies, played in historical interpretation.
The festival was banned during the dictatorship (1986-89), and it could only be restarted after the regime-change with the common organization of the local and county government.

Starting from the year 2005 the organizer of the festival is the Cultural Center of Harghita County. During the last few years, the festival had performers from several European countries, among which we can find the most outstanding European masters of the Early Music.

The festival also offers musicians the chance to take part on different professional courses: among the festival s programmes, since 2008 the public can also find the Early Music Summer University, with instrumental masterclasses and discourses. Since 2008 the Early Music Festival from Miercurea Ciuc is a member of the European Early Music Network (REMA http://www.rema-eemn.net/eng/ ).

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